Private Browsing builds ready

Followup from my previous post, I prepared Windows and Linux builds for my Private Browsing patch.  You can download these builds and try them out.  Feedback is much appreciated!

Download Windows Build (11MB)
Download Linux Build (21MB)

Also, try server builds are now available for all three platforms (Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X) here.

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2 comments on “Private Browsing builds ready
  1. Visitor says:

    I have an evil request.
    Can you also throw in all the patches for acid3 as has been done at when you do your next tryserver build with the private browsing patch?

  2. Ehsan Akhgari says:

    I’m not sure if your request is evil , but I don’t think that would help a lot, because having more than one patch in a try server build actually makes narrowing down any possible problems more difficult for us (we can’t figure out which patch causes a certain problem).  That, and I don’t have access to the try server myself yet!