Jetpack Prototype with trunk support

If you use Firefox nightly builds, and you had the Jetpack Prototype installed, you might have noticed that about two weeks ago, your jetpacks had started to get disabled a short while after you had opened your browser.  This issue was really frustrating, since some of us run jetpacks which are very important in our daily work.

I filed bug 554169 about this issue.  Paul O’Shannessy fixed this, and earlier this week, the Jetpack team released a new version of the Jetpack Prototype which fixes this issue.  You can install it from AMO, and your jetpacks will resume working reliably on nightly builds.

Thanks a lot to Paul, Myk and Atul for making this happen!

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2 comments on “Jetpack Prototype with trunk support
  1. Brian says:

    I installed Jetpack 0.8.2 and when I go to about:jetpack, at the top of the page, in bright red, it says:

    This add-on is no longer under active development. Read the experiment report for what we learned from it and the blog post announcing the first SDK release for what we’re up to next.


  2. Ehsan Akhgari says:

    Yes.  The Jetpack Prototype is no longer in active development, and it’s going to be replaced by the Jetpack SDK.  See this post for more information.