User name autocomplete in Bugzilla

Atul Varma has built an user name autocomplete tool for Bugzilla.  This reminded me that it’s been a long time since I wanted to add this functionality to the Bugzilla Tweaks jetpack.  Last week I added this feature, but I didn’t get the time to blog about it!

Here is how it looks on a a sample bug:

User name autocomplete for the Assignee field

It is also smart enough to handle multiple users for fields which accept it.

User name autocomplete for multiple users

It works on almost everywhere in Bugzilla where you can enter a user name.  Here is the full list for the curious:

  • CC field on bug pages (both when viewing and filing a new bug)
  • Assignee field on bug pages (both when viewing and filing a new bug)
  • Requestee field on attachments (when you request a flag, like review, from someone)
  • User name entry fields on the advanced search page
  • Add user watch field on the preferences page

This is providing the same functionality of Atul’s tool, with two added benefits: it provides the functionality right where you need it, and doesn’t require you to enter your user name and password.

No more memorizing people’s email addresses!  No more asking around for their email addresses!  No more bugzilla error pages telling you that the user name you entered doesn’t exist, or couldn’t be matched exactly!  I hope you like the idea.

The jetpack lives here.  If you have already installed it, you can either rely on Jetpack Prototype’s auto-update feature, or refresh it manually.

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8 comments on “User name autocomplete in Bugzilla
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  2. Dave Dash says:

    This seems slow… I didn’t look at your jetpack, but is it using localstorage? Because that could speed things up… I just see it spin for me :(

  3. Ehsan Akhgari says:

    I’m just loading a page from bugzilla.  I have a plan to make things a bit faster by loading and parsing the HTML manually.  Hopefully I’ll get to implement that soon.

  4. Mana says:

    Very useful!

  5. Tomer says:

    Is it possible to add some functionality to the drop down so it will show first users who you are more likely to CC than others? For example, when we type ‘Ehsan’ we’re probably want to add you and not another Ehsan. This can be made possible by manipulating the result list and sorting it by users who you’ve selected in the past first.

  6. Ehsan Akhgari says:

    That sounds like a very good idea.  I’ll try to implement that, but I’m a little pressed for time these days! :-)

  7. LpSolit says:

    I think it worths mentioning that Bugzilla 3.8 supports this feature natively. You won’t need JetPack for this once b.m.o upgrades to 3.8 (this won’t happen before a year, though).