Month: July 2008

It’s always a good thing to search for something cool that you’ve found before blogging it, to make sure that others have not already done the same  It even helped me see a PHP trick that should be familiar to seasoned C/C++ programmers…

Oh, and for those who want to read it here as well, here’s a one-liner to swap the values of two variables in PHP:

list($a, $b) = array($b, $a);

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Unfortunately I was not able to obtain a visa to Canada in order to take part in the Mozilla Summit 2008.  That could have been a great opportunity for me, but now that I won’t be attending it, I’ll try to keep up with it as much as possible.  I really wish that all of the slides/materials from the sessions would be made available online.  I’ll also make sure to keep an eye on the pictures from the Summit, as well as Planet Mozilla, which I’m sure is going to get some serious goodness during/after the sessions.

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I was thrilled to be nominated as a Friend of the Tree this Monday!  This was in recognition of my work on Download Day Statistics, as well as the work I did in order to extend the existing API for retrieving data from the Download Day website.  I’m proud to be selected as a Friend of the Tree!   Thanks Ryan!

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Firefox 3 release party in Tehran was held at the IT Culture Center on Thursday.  About 100-120 people showed up, and it was impressive, considering the event being held in the middle of a long weekend at the summer, which is an ideal time for many for travels.  I spoke at the event on the Persian localization of Firefox, an overview of the history of Firefox and what to expect in Firefox 3.1 and 4, and also an introduction of some very popular Firefox extensions (yeah! that’s three talks!).  I think the talks were good, apart from the faulty video projector which threw a shade of blue on all of my carefully crafted slides (sigh).

Here are some blog posts in Persian, and also some pictures.  Here are the full presentation files in OpenDocument Presentation and PDF formats.  Here is a picture of me speaking about the new features in Firefox 3 and here’s how the first slide looked under the blue shade of the video projector!

Thanks to Behdad, Hossein, Bahram, and everyone involved in holding this event.  We really need more of these to spread the word; keep up the good work everyone!

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Here’s a precious collection of Mozilla related wallpapers.  I always wanted such a collection, and I thought I’d share this.  Thanks to Frederic who originally posted this.  Oh, and in case you’re wondering, here’s my new wallpaper.

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