Month: June 2017

Quantum Flow Engineering Newsletter #14

We have about 13 more weeks before the train of Firefox 57 leaves the station.  Next week many of you will be at the upcoming work week, so I thought it may be a good time to have some retrospection

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Quantum Flow Engineering Newsletter #13

I’m back with some more updates on another week worth of work on improving various performance aspects of Firefox. Similar to the past weeks, Speedometer remains a big focus area for performance work.  In addition to the many already identified

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Quantum Flow Engineering Newsletter #12

It has been a few weeks since I have given an update about our progress on reducing the amount of slow synchronous IPC messages that we send across our processes.  This hasn’t been because there hasn’t been a lot to

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Quantum Flow Engineering Newsletter #11

Keeping track of ongoing progress and how much more work different areas need is important.  I’ve found the new Firefox Health Dashboards that Harald Kirschner and the team have worked on extremely helpful.  You can see the status of the

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