Bugzilla Tweaks is an extension for Firefox, which is aimed at people involved in the Mozilla project.  Bugzilla Tweaks modifies bugzilla.mozilla.org to make it smarter and easier to use.

Bugzilla Tweaks Preview


Bugzilla (the issue management software used by the Mozilla project) is a great tool.  But it's not perfect.  This is an attempt to change that!

For example, bugzilla by default shows you the comments made on a bug in one page, and the other changes made to it (such as flags, status, assignee, etc.) in another page.  It makes it very hard to figure out when a flag was set.  It doesn't help you a lot in finding a user when you want to CC them on a bug.  And many other small or big problems which annoy you everyday.

These problems could be solved both on the client side or the server side.  I didn't know Perl, so that's why I attempted to solve these problems on the client side instead.

How to Get It?

Installing Bugzilla Tweaks is as simple as installing any other Firefox extension.  Simply, view the Bugzilla Tweaks extension's page on AMO, and grab the latest version from there.  The latest version currently is 1.8.  Installing this extension doesn't even require you to restart your browser!

How It Works

After installing the extension, just open any page in bugzilla.mozilla.org, and you'll notice the differences.  I've written some posts in the past which talk about some of the enhancements that this extension makes to Bugzilla, and there are even some enhancements which I have not had the time to mention yet!

Source Code

The source code for this add-on is available on bitbucket.  Feel free to grab it and read it, or change something and send me pull requests!

Known Problems

None so far!


Thanks to Johnathan Nightingale for starting the original version of this extension in form of a jetpack, and Steve Fink and Heather Arthur for their code contributions.  Also, thanks to the Jetpack team for providing a rich platform on which you can develop extensions.  And thanks to all the wonderful people who provided me with feedback on what they wanted to see in this extension, and what they liked or didn't like about it!