Firefox 3 is in the “End Game” status, which means that it's feature and code complete, and won't get changes except to fix any serious bugs found during the final tests before the release.  Firefox 3 RC1 has already been released.  On Tuesday, it was decided that there will be one more release candidate (namely Firefox 3 RC2) before the final release.  Firefox 3 RC2 will most likely be the Firefox 3 final version, unless some very serious issues are found, and it's decided that they're required to be fixed in the final product.

Today, the tree was frozen in order for the build team to start building the product and hand it over to the QA team.  A total number of 43 issues were resolved in RC2 compared to RC11, the last of them being bug 427729, which was an issue for the RTL versions of the browser.  Tomer Cohen (from the Hebrew localization team of Firefox) wrote the patch for this bug.  The patch (which may well be the last patch for Firefox 3.0.0) was landed on 2008-05-28 12:47 PDT.  Yay!

1 Not all of those issues were serious issues blocking the release of Firefox 3.  Most of them were the “nice-to-have-but-not-mandatory” changes which were supposed to either go into RC2, or 3.0.1, which is expected to be released soon after Firefox 3.0.0.