I previously blogged about the Download Day 2008 project.  I'm quite excited about this, and I'm sure we can make a record which would be very hard to break!   So, I started to think, what can I do to help this project, apart from telling the people I know about this, and hosting a banner on my website?  I decided to create a simple web page where users can get some interesting statistics on the progress of project.  A few more hours later, Download Day 2008 Statistics was born!

On this page, you can find two interesting rankings based on how well each country is currently participating in the project.  One ranking is based on the ratio of each country's population that have pledged to download Firefox 3 on the first day of its release.  Another ranking is based on the ratio of the pledges of each country among the total pleges made so far.  Go check them out yourself!

Here are a few more interesting stuff on this. The data is updated automatically every two minutes, so you can watch the progress of your country as we approach the Download Day.  Also, I have made the source data used in these calculations available in CSV and JSON formats, so other people which might want to jump in and throw their own ideas can use them.  The files available at these two URLs will also update automatically each time the data is refreshed.

I also have another idea baking, which I won't reveal now, but you'll soon see another statistics page on this website.  Watch this space for updates!