I had promised to add another type of statistics to the Download Day 2008 Statistics that I had created earlier.  Today, I was pleased to release the Pledge Rankings Graph.  This is a visual tool based on SIMILE Timeplot, which is able to create graphs comparing the progress of countries as their pledge rankings change while we approach the Download Day 2008.  Go and use it now!

Each country is assigned a color in this graph.  To add/remove a country to/from the graph, just click on its name.  By default, the top 10 countries are shown in the graph, so if you want to start fresh, simply click on the Uncheck All link and start selecting your desired countries.  If you wish to see the source data used to generate the graph you're looking at, click the Download The Graph Data link, which will download the data in CSV format.  This is exactly the same data Timeplot uses to plot the graphs.

The only thing that I wished to add to this tool, but couldn't figure out how, is a graph legend, which could make it easier to see which line corresponds to which country.  I couldn't find anything about creating a legend in the Timeplot docs.  If anyone knows how to do that, please leave a comment.