We have exceeded 1,000,000 pledges to download Firefox on the Download Day!  The current pledge count is 1,009,037.  Yikes!  US still has the most number of pledges (161,787), followed by Poland (75,112).  Brazil is nearly catching up with Poland (71,335), but shows a recent decline in speed compared to Poland.  You can watch the battle between Poland and Brazil here.  (Brazil is shown in green).

Poland vs. Brazil

Iran (7,326) is approaching Hungary (7,866), and if it catches up with Hungary, it would rank 25th among all of the countries, which is great!  Of course, I hope for a much higher place for Iran in the final stats.  Check out how Iran is approaching Hungary here.  (Hungary is shown in magenta).

Hungary vs. Iran

Oh, and if you want to create such cool graphs yourself, check out my pledge rankings graph tool!