First Private Browsing extension

I did expect the community to get interested in extending the Private Browsing mode by developing extensions, but I didn’t expect it to happen this soon!  I’m happy to announce that the first Private Browsing extension has been developed by the community member Kurt Schultz! This extension adds a toolbar and a status bar button to Firefox for quick access to the Private Browsing feature, and lets you toggle a few of the underlying preferences as a bonus!  Grab it while it’s hot from AMO!

Here’s a screenshot provided by Kurt:

Toggle Private Browsing extension in action

Thanks for the great work, Kurt!

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15 comments on “First Private Browsing extension
  1. This is something which is easy to do as an extension. Of course, smart children may be able to disable the extension which does this, but then again they could figure out how to clear their history using other means as well.