The first Persian Firefox builds (built by Tinderbox) are available!  These builds, according to Persian Mozilla Dashboard are 86% percent complete.  Nearly all parts of the browser are translated.  The remaining things to translate include a number of security error messages and UI strings, and the installer (which is in fact translated, I'm just working on bug 305039 to make the installer Unicode, so that we can have a useful Persian installer).  These will hopefully be finished soon as well.

Your feedback is very much appreciated.  If you are a Persian speaking user, please download these builds and provide feedback here.  You can get the builds from these locations:

By the way, as you note, the version of these builds is 3.2a1pre, which means they are preliminary versions of what will eventually be Firefox 3.2 Alpha 1.  Firefox 3.1 builds will be available as well as soon as bug 467573 is fixed.