test_is_Ehsan_available.js fails intermittently: possible network problems?

Some of you might have noticed, but the test_is_Ehsan_available.js test has been failing intermittently for the past few days.  The reason seems to be frequent network problems and other complications that he’s been writing about, and unfortunately it doesn’t seem like there is anything our wonderful IT team can do to bring him back up.

I’m sure that this is not serious enough for the tree to get orange, or even a mild yellow, and certainly not serious enough to close the tree, halt the release, abort the project, etc.  But if something serious happens which needs the his attention, please make sure to send him an email about it.  He promises to read your emails, and do his best to act quickly if needed.  Anything in bugmail will most likely not catch his attention until too late.

Seriously guys, I wish to get back on track with everything as soon as possible.  Boy, I don’t even know how far along are we on Firefox 3.5. 🙁  I really wished to be there around the release time…

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