Bugzilla is an essential tool to the working process of Mozilla, and many of us spend a good portion of their day in Bugzilla.  The Bugzilla Tweaks jetpack is an attempt of me and Johnathan to make this process more efficient and productive.  If you have never heard about it, it would be a good idea to first read Johnath's original post and then my previous one.

Since I published the original enhanced version of the Bugzilla Tweaks jetpack, I have received a lot of positive feedback.  Max Kanat-Alexander event suggested that he likes the UI so much that he's going to consider using it when the feature is ported to Bugzilla itself.  Several other people have also suggested things that they would like to have in their every day usage of Bugzilla.  I've been implementing all of these features and adding even more new features and fixes to the Jetpack.  I thought that the volume of changes has been large enough to deserve another post, so here we go!

Attachment flags with links pointing to the time when the flag was set

Did you ever wonder at which point a flag on an attachment was set, and what the context was?  Wonder no more!  Bugzilla Tweaks now linkifies the attachment flags to point to the exact location where the flag was set.  No matter whether it's a review, superreview, ui-review, approval, or any other type of flag, merely clicking on the flag name takes you to the exact location where it was set and you can see the exact context right away.

Attachment numbers linkified with names in their tooltip

Now, the attachment numbers generated by Bugzilla Tweaks in history events are links which point to the attachment edit page.  The name of the attachment appears as the tooltip for that link.

Bug dependencies linked to the respective bugs

Bug dependency changes are now linked to their respective bugs.  The title and status of the bug also appears as a tooltip for those links.

URLs appearing as links

Comment numbers appearing as links

We are used to the fact that things like URLs, bug numbers and comment numbers are linked in Bugzilla.  To keep this convention so that Bugzilla Tweaks is as good a citizen in Bugzilla as possible, I've made it convert all of those to links as well.

Duplicate markers appearing as history events

We all have seen comments with this content too many times in different bugs:

*** Bug 123456 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

This is an automatic comment which Bugzilla puts in a bug when another bug is marked as a duplicate of it.  Nearly most of this comment is just noise, and it's really part of a bug history, not a real comment.  So, Bugzilla Tweaks converts them to history events, so that you don't confuse them with actual comments.  There is one interesting point here.  Since Bugzilla shows these as comments, they have a comment number and can be linked to by adding #cNN after the bug's URL, where NN is the number of the comment.  In order to keep those URLs working, I made them point to the history events instead of the comment which no longer exists.

To get the latest version of the Jetpack, you can either install it from this page if you don't already have it, go to about:jetpack and refresh the installed version of the Jetpack, or simply wait until the Jetpack engine updates it automatically from the server in the background.

Feel free to suggest any other interesting things which you would want in this Jetpack.  So far, every feature that others have requested from me has been implemented, so there is a good chance that yours would be as well!