Some of you might remember reading my blog post on my experience about porting the Bugzilla Tweaks jetpack to the Jetpack SDK.  I talked about almost everything in that post except where you can find the actual extension!  That was intentional, because there were quite a few bugs in the early versions, and I didn't want to release something which is basically broken.  But those issues have been mostly solved now, and I'm releasing the jetpack as a Firefox extension.

You can find the extension's home page here, or you can grab the extension directly from AMO.  Please note that this extension can be installed in Firefox nightly versions without having to restart the browser!  Also, please note that once you install this extension, you can safely uninstall the Jetpack Prototype extension (if you don't use it for other purposes of course) as this extension is self-contained and does not depend on any other extensions.

The source code for this extension has been moved to my extensions repository.  The old source code respositry for the Jetpack Prototype based script is still available, but is not going to be maintained any more.  All future updates will be made to the new repository.  The source code is being released under the MPL/GPL/LGPL tri-license.

I'm eagerly looking for your feedback, especially if you can find something which is broken.  Please comment here or contact me directly!