It has been a while since I've asked myself: “Is the tree open?”

These days, when I want to land something on mozilla-inound, I switch to my git-workdir[1], I cherry-pick the commit that I want to land, and I type the following in my terminal:

$ land

Land is a very sophisticated bot that tries to land your commits for you!  It assumes you use git-cinnabar, which you should if you use git.  Porting it to Mercurial is left as an exercise.


  • Isn't this wasteful for the infrastructure?
    The frequency of the tool is adjustable, and I sometimes to tune it back to poll less frequently.  However our infrastructure should be very well capable of handling load at this level (please let me know if this assumption is flawed!)
  • Is this how we sometimes see you push immediately after the tree opens?
    Of course!