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On leveling the playing field and online tracking

(Please note that this post does not reflect Mozilla’s position or policies.) Like many parts of our computing systems, some of the core parts of the Web platform weren’t designed with security in mind and as a result, users are

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Why do people dislike online ads?

As part of my research on the various aspects of online advertising, one of the questions I have looked into is: why people dislike online ads?  In this post, I’m planning to go over my findings as to the underlying

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An overview of online ad fraud

I have researched various aspects of the online advertisement industry for a while, and one of the fascinating topics that I have come across which I didn’t know too much about before is ad fraud.  You may have heard that

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Quantum Flow Engineering Newsletter #25

The Quantum Flow project started as a cross-functional effort to study and fix the most serious performance issues of Firefox affecting real world browsing use cases for the Firefox 57 release.  Thanks to the hard work of everyone who helped

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Quantum Flow Engineering Newsletter #24

I hope you’re not tired of reading these newsletters so far.  If not, I applaud your patience with me in the past few months.  But next week, as Firefox 57 will merge to the Beta channel, I’m planning to write

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Quantum Flow Engineering Newsletter #23

As was announced earlier today, Firefox 57 will be merged to the Beta channel on September 21, which is two weeks from today.  That wraps up the long development cycle that has gone on for maybe about a year now. 

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Identifying regressions when working on bugs

Many of the patches that we write are fixes to things that have broken as a result of a change, often known as regressions.  An important aspect of a high quality release is for us to be able to identify

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Quantum Flow Engineering Newsletter #22

With around three weeks left in the development cycle for Firefox 57, everyone seems to be busy getting the last fixes in to shape up this long-awaited release.  On the Quantum Flow project, we have kept up with the triage

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Quantum Flow Engineering Newsletter #21

We’re now about mid-way through the Firefox 57 development cycle.  The progress of Quantum Flow bugs has been steady, we now have 65 open [qf:p1] bugs at the time of this writing and 283 fixed bugs.  There are still more

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Quantum Flow Engineering Newsletter #20

It is hard to believe that we’ve gotten to the twentieth of these newsletters.  That also means that we’re very quickly approaching the finish line for this sprint.  We only have a bit more than five more weeks to go

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