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Intercepting beacons through service workers

Beacons are a way to send asynchronous pings to a server for the purposes such as logging and analytics.  The API itself doesn’t give you a way to get notified when the ping has been successfully sent, which is intentional

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Running Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 under Wine on Linux

The Wine project lets you run Windows programs on other operating systems, such as Linux.  I spent some time recently trying to see what it would take to run Visual C++ 2013 Update 4 under Linux using Wine. The first

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Pushing to Mozilla hg servers directly from git

I’ve been using git for a few years for doing Mozilla work, which has caused me to have to go through a painful workflow every single time that I push code to inbound.  Now, glandium has written this awesome tool

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Building Firefox on Windows with clang-cl

Over the past three weeks or so, Jeff Muizelaar and I started to investigate what it would take for us to be able to use clang-cl to build Firefox on Windows, and I’m really excited to report that as of

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C++ deleting destructors

Recently during a code review, Benoit pointed out a strange linker error, that neither of us expected.  Here’s what the situation roughly looked like: $ cat test.cpp #include <new> class Base { public:   virtual ~Base() {} }; class Derived

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Per-window private browsing ready for testing now!

One of the most often requested features in the private browsing support for Firefox has been the ability to open a private window without needing to close the entire session. Over the past 19 months, we have been working on

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How I started reviewing patches faster

The discussion about whether and how we should do patch reviews faster has been brought up for a few years now.  Here is the story of how I decided to stop being lazy start to actually review patches faster.  It’s

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Data about people’s contribution to the Mozilla code base

Tonight I was talking to Josh and he mentioned how he’s interested in getting data on people’s recent contributions to different parts of the Mozilla code base.  He basically wanted to get a list of people who have contributed patches

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Renaming directories in Mercurial by just changing the case

Today we experienced a new way in which Mercurial can fail you.  I’m not talking about performance, twisted workflows, etc.  This time we’re talking about Mercurial being unable to handle things that you can put into your repository in one

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mozilla-central git mirror back up again

When the IonMonkey project merged their history to mozilla-central on Tuesday, my scripts responsible for updating the mozilla-central git mirror happily picked up that huge merge of more than 2000 changesets, and started converting them to the git commit.  And

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