Ehsan Akhgari is a programmer living in Toronto working for Mozilla. He has over 10 years of experience on browsers and the web platform and Firefox. Learn more about him here.

Find In Numbers: now available for Thunderbird, Songbird and Flock!

I knew that porting extensions from one Mozilla-based application to the other should be easy, but I didn't know it was that easy! Today, I updated my Find In Numbers extension to work in Thunderbird, Songbird and Flock! It was mostly the process of finding the correct XUL file to overlay, find the GUID used for each application, and then editing the install.rdf and chrome.manifest files accordingly. So, now Find In Numbers 1.

Firefox 3, five more days

Firefox 3 is going to be here on Tuesday, July 17! This means that Tuesday, July 17 is going to be the Download Day 2008. Make sure to download Firefox 3 on Tuesday in order to set a world record!

1,000,000 and counting

We have exceeded 1,000,000 pledges to download Firefox on the Download Day! The current pledge count is 1,009,037. Yikes! US still has the most number of pledges (161,787), followed by Poland (75,112). Brazil is nearly catching up with Poland (71,335), but shows a recent decline in speed compared to Poland. You can watch the battle between Poland and Brazil here. (Brazil is shown in green). Iran (7,326) is approaching Hungary (7,866), and if it catches up with Hungary, it would rank 25th among all of the countries, which is great!

Get your own Pledge Rankings Widget

Now, you can show real-time statistics on the top 10 countries according to the number of pledges for the Download Day 2008 in your own website/blog! How come? Because the Pledge Counter Widget is born! While skimming around Bugzilla, I noticed bug 436557, which proposed to create a blog widget to show the top 10 countries based on pledge rankings for the Download Day 2008. In that bug, Ryan Doherty (who is the creator of the Download Day project's website) had suggested a blog widget showing the number of pledges for the top 10 countries.

Add-ons t-shirt

I just received my add-ons development t-shirt! The t-shirt is so cool! It features the Gran Paradiso robot, which has become the official character for Firefox 3. It's a gift sent out to the developers which had at least one Firefox extension compatible with Firefox 3. I received this for my Find In Numbers extension. You may want to try the extension by the way. Here is a picture from the front and back of the t-shirt:

More Pledge Rankings Fun: Pledge Rankings Graph

I had promised to add another type of statistics to the Download Day 2008 Statistics that I had created earlier. Today, I was pleased to release the Pledge Rankings Graph. This is a visual tool based on SIMILE Timeplot, which is able to create graphs comparing the progress of countries as their pledge rankings change while we approach the Download Day 2008. Go and use it now! Each country is assigned a color in this graph.