Ehsan Akhgari is a programmer living in Toronto working for Mozilla. He has over 10 years of experience on browsers and the web platform and Firefox. Learn more about him here.

Firefox 3 RC2 has shipped

We are approaching the Firefox 3 launch (which should happen some time late in June). Today, the Firefox 3 RC2 was released. There is a very high chance that this would be the last pre-release version of Firefox 3, and be turned into the final product. So, go grab it while it's hot! Make sure to report any problems that you encounter with it. The Mozilla project needs as much feedback as it can get.

My first Mozilla CVS check-in

OK, I'm excited! I finally got CVS commit access to the l10n CVS repository for Mozilla. As a test, I just checked in my patch on bug 399003! This means that I will be able to work more quickly on the Persian (fa) localization of Firefox. Behnam has also set up a SVN repository on l10n.mozilla.org, so that we can get started on the localization of Firefox 3 sooner! I'll try to post updates on our progress here, so stay tuned!

Download Day 2008 Statistics

I previously blogged about the Download Day 2008 project. I'm quite excited about this, and I'm sure we can make a record which would be very hard to break! So, I started to think, what can I do to help this project, apart from telling the people I know about this, and hosting a banner on my website? I decided to create a simple web page where users can get some interesting statistics on the progress of project.

How to test your Mozilla patch in RTL mode

I'm happy to announce the availability of the Force RTL extension! This extension allows you to test Firefox and Thunderbird's user interface in RTL mode, without needing to download a Hebrew, Arabic or Persian version, without changing the user interface language, and without restarting the application (if you're running a recent version of the application). You can read more here. Kai Liu had the original idea for this extension. He mentioned to me on IRC that he has an extension which he uses to test the browser interface in RTL mode.

How to test your Mozilla patch faster

If you're writing any code for Mozilla, you sure have tasted how disturbing it might be to write some piece of code, then do a full build of the entire code base, and then testing your work, only to find that you need to make a small correction, and recycle the whole build and test process again. This may waste a lot of time which can be used elsewhere, so here are two tricks that may come in handy.

Firefox 2008 Download Day

Firefox 2008 Download Day is a SpreadFirefox.com project, which is intending to set a Guinness world record for most software downloads in 24 hours! All you have to do is to pledge on their page that you will download a copy of Firefox 3 on the Download Day (the date to be announced later), and actually do download Firefox 3 on that date! You can leave your email address in order to be notified of the exact schedule of the Download Day.