Ehsan Akhgari is a programmer living in Toronto working for Mozilla. He has over 10 years of experience on browsers and the web platform and Firefox. Learn more about him here.

Last patch for Firefox 3

Firefox 3 is in the “End Game” status, which means that it's feature and code complete, and won't get changes except to fix any serious bugs found during the final tests before the release. Firefox 3 RC1 has already been released. On Tuesday, it was decided that there will be one more release candidate (namely Firefox 3 RC2) before the final release. Firefox 3 RC2 will most likely be the Firefox 3 final version, unless some very serious issues are found, and it's decided that they're required to be fixed in the final product.

How not to write an installer

OK, this is driving me crazy. ISPConfig is a great piece of software. It can manage your web sites, and related services (such as DNS, FTP, mail, etc.) well, and it handles the config files with pretty good care, and it rarely breaks. But, the installation experience is so twisted that I can't bear. And if I would only have to tolerate this at fresh installs, then I'd just try to live with it, but facing the same old problems once more each time I try to update the installation is way beyond acceptable.

Translate Toolkit

Brian King wrote about how he used Translate Toolkit in order to manage the Slovene (sl) locale in Firefox. I found the article worth reading, so I thought I'd share the link. http://brian.kingsonline.net/talk/?p=306

Fail2ban only picking up the first ignore IP

Today I had this problem where Fail2ban was keeping on blacklisting an IP address, even though it was in the ignoreip list in /etc/fail2ban/jail.conf. After double-checking everything on the server, and googling desperately, I found out that up to version 0.8.2, Fail2ban had a bug which caused only the first IP in the ignoreip list to take effect. And guess what? Ubuntu versions before gutsy have older versions of Fail2ban. After a bit of digging, I found out the patch which had fixed the problem in 0.

libpam_foreground undefined symbol error on Ubuntu

If you happen to run Ubuntu Server (at least, up to version 7.04) and use the Courier POP3 or IMAP server, and you're watching your log files closely, you've seen error messages such as the below one in /var/log/syslog: May 21 01:14:10 server4 authdaemond: PAM [dlerror: /lib/security/pam_foreground.so: undefined symbol: pam_set_data] Many people have observed this problem. This happens because libpam-foreground.so has not been compiled with the right options. This library needs to be linked against libpam.

OpenVPN Windows compilation problem: solved

Alon Bar-Lev seems to have convinced OpenVPN developers to update the autoconf scripts so that a correct config-win32.h is generated, so now the Windows build environment for OpenVPN works again! To generate the config-win32.h file, run the below commands in an MSYS prompt: autoreconf -i -v -f ./configure Thanks to Alon, James, and other OpenVPN developers for the great software!