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Blog entries regarding Firefox Download Day 2008

Firefox 3 has been officially released!  Find out what’s new in Firefox 3.  See a screencast of the new features of Firefox 3.  You have 24 hours left in order to take part in a global attempt to set a Guinness World Record.  Currently, 1,735,967 people have pledged to download Firefox 3 within 24 hours of its release.  I can’t believe that only 1,000,000 people had pledged just one week ago.  I’m really proud of the amount of attention that Firefox 3 is getting, and I think it deserves every bit of it.

Oh, and by the way, on the progress of the Download Day 2008, you can check the progress as we go along.

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We have exceeded 1,000,000 pledges to download Firefox on the Download Day!  The current pledge count is 1,009,037.  Yikes!  US still has the most number of pledges (161,787), followed by Poland (75,112).  Brazil is nearly catching up with Poland (71,335), but shows a recent decline in speed compared to Poland.  You can watch the battle between Poland and Brazil here.  (Brazil is shown in green).

Poland vs. Brazil

Iran (7,326) is approaching Hungary (7,866), and if it catches up with Hungary, it would rank 25th among all of the countries, which is great!  Of course, I hope for a much higher place for Iran in the final stats.  Check out how Iran is approaching Hungary here.  (Hungary is shown in magenta).

Hungary vs. Iran

Oh, and if you want to create such cool graphs yourself, check out my pledge rankings graph tool!

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Now, you can show real-time statistics on the top 10 countries according to the number of pledges for the Download Day 2008 in your own website/blog!  How come?  Because the Pledge Counter Widget is born!

While skimming around Bugzilla, I noticed bug 436557, which proposed to create a blog widget to show the top 10 countries based on pledge rankings for the Download Day 2008.  In that bug, Ryan Doherty (who is the creator of the Download Day project’s website) had suggested a blog widget showing the number of pledges for the top 10 countries.  I said to myself, let’s do it!

The Pledge Counter Widget is a customizable JavaScript-based widget which can be embedded in your own blog/website.  You can see a sample of it at the left hand of this very page.  Most aspects of this widget are customizable (such as, how many countries to show, which columns to include in the table, the text displayed on the widget, its visual style which allows integration with your website’s theme), and can be customized online using the web-based customization interface (which includes a quick preview option to see what the widget would look like with your own customizations).  This widget is hosted on my own website, so you don’t have to upload a single file to your web server, all you need to do is paste its code into your pages.  Enough talking, you should try it now!

Oh, and here are two screenshots of the default look and feel of the widget, and one sample customization of it.

Download Day 2008 Widget - Default
Download Day 2008 Widget – Default

Download Day 2008 Widget - Customized
Download Day 2008 Widget – Customized

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I had promised to add another type of statistics to the Download Day 2008 Statistics that I had created earlier.  Today, I was pleased to release the Pledge Rankings Graph.  This is a visual tool based on SIMILE Timeplot, which is able to create graphs comparing the progress of countries as their pledge rankings change while we approach the Download Day 2008.  Go and use it now!

Each country is assigned a color in this graph.  To add/remove a country to/from the graph, just click on its name.  By default, the top 10 countries are shown in the graph, so if you want to start fresh, simply click on the Uncheck All link and start selecting your desired countries.  If you wish to see the source data used to generate the graph you’re looking at, click the Download The Graph Data link, which will download the data in CSV format.  This is exactly the same data Timeplot uses to plot the graphs.

The only thing that I wished to add to this tool, but couldn’t figure out how, is a graph legend, which could make it easier to see which line corresponds to which country.  I couldn’t find anything about creating a legend in the Timeplot docs.  If anyone knows how to do that, please leave a comment.

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I previously blogged about the Download Day 2008 project.  I’m quite excited about this, and I’m sure we can make a record which would be very hard to break!   So, I started to think, what can I do to help this project, apart from telling the people I know about this, and hosting a banner on my website?  I decided to create a simple web page where users can get some interesting statistics on the progress of project.  A few more hours later, Download Day 2008 Statistics was born!

On this page, you can find two interesting rankings based on how well each country is currently participating in the project.  One ranking is based on the ratio of each country’s population that have pledged to download Firefox 3 on the first day of its release.  Another ranking is based on the ratio of the pledges of each country among the total pleges made so far.  Go check them out yourself!

Here are a few more interesting stuff on this. The data is updated automatically every two minutes, so you can watch the progress of your country as we approach the Download Day.  Also, I have made the source data used in these calculations available in CSV and JSON formats, so other people which might want to jump in and throw their own ideas can use them.  The files available at these two URLs will also update automatically each time the data is refreshed.

I also have another idea baking, which I won’t reveal now, but you’ll soon see another statistics page on this website.  Watch this space for updates!

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Firefox 2008 Download Day is a SpreadFirefox.com project, which is intending to set a Guinness world record for most software downloads in 24 hours!  All you have to do is to pledge on their page that you will download a copy of Firefox 3 on the Download Day (the date to be announced later), and actually do download Firefox 3 on that date!  You can leave your email address in order to be notified of the exact schedule of the Download Day.

Of course, you can do more than that!  You can get your family, friends, colleagues, etc. to download Firefox on that day, and you can get involved in this project in several ways, one being hosting the logo on your blog/web page (yes, see the top of this very page!).  It’s way cool to set a world record, so jump in and join us in this project.  You’ll be proud.

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