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Quantum Flow Engineering Newsletter #4

As promised (with a day of delay), here is an update on what happened in the last two weeks on making Firefox faster as part of the Quantum Flow project. Last week we had a big work week at the

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Quantum Flow Engineering Newsletter #3

Another week, another Quantum Flow engineering newsletter!  We have a lot to cover, so let me get started. Michael Layzell is getting really close on his work on bug 1346415 in order to collect native stacks from Background Hang Reports

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Quantum Flow Engineering Newsletter #2

This past week was another busy week chasing down performance issues in Firefox.  We managed to knock out a few issues, get closer to close out a couple of really high impact ones, and are making good progress on starting

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Quantum Flow Engineering Newsletter #1

A while ago a number of engineers including myself started to look into a performance project that turned into Quantum Flow.  The focus of the project is finding and prioritising the issues across the entire browser so we will need

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Project SpiderNode

Some time around 4 weeks ago, a few of us got together to investigate what it would take to implement the Electron API on top of Gecko.  Electron consists of two parts: a Node environment with a few additional Node

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C++ Static Analysis using Clang

Introduction Large code bases typically develop rules around how various code constructs should be used.  These rules help eliminate bugs resulting from common mistakes.  C++ gives programmers a good amount of power over enforcing such rules using the facilities that

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Local Autoland

It has been a while since I’ve asked myself: “Is the tree open?” These days, when I want to land something on mozilla-inound, I switch to my git-workdir[1], I cherry-pick the commit that I want to land, and I type

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Intercepting beacons through service workers

Beacons are a way to send asynchronous pings to a server for the purposes such as logging and analytics.  The API itself doesn’t give you a way to get notified when the ping has been successfully sent, which is intentional

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Running Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 under Wine on Linux

The Wine project lets you run Windows programs on other operating systems, such as Linux.  I spent some time recently trying to see what it would take to run Visual C++ 2013 Update 4 under Linux using Wine. The first

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Pushing to Mozilla hg servers directly from git

I’ve been using git for a few years for doing Mozilla work, which has caused me to have to go through a painful workflow every single time that I push code to inbound.  Now, glandium has written this awesome tool

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